Solomon was right!


“What did you mean about, Solomon being right?”

This is a question I’ve been asked from my last post… For those who know me, you’ll know that through my late teens and 20’s I was Christian. I don’t think I was a very good one because I was never really content with being told what being Christian was about and I just seemed to have this knack of asking questions that challenged the accepted norms. Anyway, that’s another story.

Before I get started I want to tell you that this is not a bible lesson… It’s a life lesson, and for those seeking knowledge – you have to understand that knowledge, understanding and wisdom can be found all around us… so, if like me you’re not religious, get over the God thing and look for the lesson.

Who was Solomon?

Solomon, was the son of King David who also became the King of Israel and as the story goes he found favor in the eyes of God and was granted a wish… Solomon, asked for wisdom and God pleased with this choice gave it to him. If you read between the lines, what Solomon had was a deep fascination and inquiring mind towards all things.

The book of Ecclesiastes is controversially attributed to him, but such argument among scholars simply gives weight to the pointlessness of such pursuits as lamented within the verses of the book.

It surprises me that many tend to find the book either negative, frustrating or down right depressing… Yet it is one of the most accurate pictures of humanity you’ll find anywhere. Perhaps this is because the book brings the reader face to face with the most challenging questions about your existence… Personally I love it, the intellectual depth is like letting your mind swim in a reflective fresh water spring.

So everything is meaningless?

Yes it is… to a point! That point is, to what end you are doing what you do? What purpose is behind all your hard work and toil? Do you really honestly know?

These are questions that can apply to every area of life. Solomon talks about creating wealth that will be left to one that comes after him… Why? When you can’t enjoy it and more importantly will have no control over how it will be used.

One thing you have to understand is that Solomon is the King that reigned pretty much at the very height of Israels dominance and wealth. He literally had it all, and there was nothing that would be denied him. So it is the context of understanding that in a world where nothing is beyond his reach that everything is meaningless and lacks purpose.

Solomon had already built a fortune beyond measure, he had built cities and palaces. He had met with the greatest minds, and most powerful rulers of his time. He really did have everything, and then he asked the most important life question of all…

What does it all mean?

There was nothing new for him to experience, no goal to shoot for, nothing he couldn’t own, build or acquire and therefore no purpose. This is the foundation of the book, contextually this is where it wells up from…

Simply put… “if you live a life without purpose, then it is also without meaning

This my friend is and always has been the greatest challenge for humanity throughout the ages… 2500 years on and nothing has changed. Humanity beavering away like purposeless ants towards some undefined destination… You invest your life and then towards the end of it, you are challenged by the same question… and for most the answer is as Solomon saw it… Totally meaningless.

That is, my friend until you discover a purpose for your life that is worth pursuing…

You find that, you’ll have found the holy grail.


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