Keep hope alive

Keep hope alive

Coping with cancer brings with it a life without certainty. Not only is your body under attack but so is your mind… your imagination can be a quiet retreat or a battle ground of emotions and thoughts. Be that as it may, you cannot lose hope… the moment you lose hope, you’ve lost, plain and simple.

Walk into a cancer ward and look directly into the eyes of the patients… right there, through the windows of the soul you’ll see life and death… because when hope is gone, death follows.

I heard a story about an experiment many years ago. A researcher made a long, narrow and light proof tank. It was filled with warm water and a rat was placed inside. The tank was closed and the rat left to swim in the darkness. Within a few minutes the rat seeing no way forward or out of the water, stopped swimming and drowned.

The researcher repeated the experiment except this time he drilled a tiny pin-hole in one end of the tank. This time the rat swam towards the the tiny beam of light, and continued to remain afloat until finally being overcome with fatigue many hours later.

The moral of the story is that hope gives you the strength to fight, to take one more step and to see light in a very dark place… Never lose hope.


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