Sinner inner Saint

Sinner inner Saint

Judging others seems to come so easy to most of us. Somehow each of us is able to switch off the reality of our own flaws and condemn others with a blatancy as cold as ice. Even if that flaw is one shared wholly within ourselves.

Through life I have meet many beautiful people, that is to say those of saintly character and virtue and without exception all have pronounced a judgement over someone around them… This is simply part of the nature of ‘man’ (“used in the generic sense”).

I do believe that if each of use were able to truly understand these two lessons from the bible, our world would be instantly and infinitely a better place…
1. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”
2. “Do not judge, least you be judged”

For it is equally true, that within every saint there is a sinner, and within every sinner a saint.


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