Three Powerful Words

Three Powerful Words

They say that “I love you” are the three most powerful words in the English language… Although that may be true, I think these three are right up there as well.

I see you” are the words of endearment from the movie Avatar, and it wasn’t until today as I thought about what to write that they came to mind. Take some time to think about it… what does it really mean? As I contemplated this question myself, it got very deep very fast.

I see you means I see all of you, the physical, emotional and spiritual you. I see all that is good about you, I see your faults, flaws and imperfections. I see your hopes, dreams and aspirations, all that you are, have been and will be.

Through all the many things that you are, I see your heart and life force, that deepest part of you which gives purpose and meaning to your life… and  as look into your eyes, I see me… reflected there in the windows of your soul. Connected to you as you see me, and accepting all that you are in all your forms. I see you through my eyes and my minds eye and as I gaze upon you I can see no other…

It means I understand you, I acknowledge you, accept you and get you… all the time!

It’s powerful stuff isn’t it… So why not take the time today to “See” someone, and by that I mean really see them. But here’s the twist, I love you means all of these things as well, but “I see you” doesn’t need to only apply to the people you love…

Why not try as you go through your day to look at everyone you meet with an “I see you” attitude. I think you’ll find you’ll start to see differently and maybe, people will see you differently too.

“I See You”


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