Don’t take life personally

Don't take life personally

Let me whisper in your ear,
a truth to tell
that you must hear
for life’s burden to pay the fare

life in all its wonder dear
truly, truly is not fair
but it’s not personal, this you know
for your good she treats you so

though others may have it easy yet
life ain’t through with collecting debt
she don’t judge and pays no never mind
to who you are or what your kind

it ain’t personal this you know
but your potential for to show
she’ll treat you bad, to make you good
the man or woman you really should

let me whisper in your ear
learn the lessons, learn them dear
life ain’t easy, she don’t play fair
for your feelings she don’t care

but in you she placed a trust
polished a diamond in the rough
that through you a light may glow
shining out for to show

that no matter how dark the night
there will always be a shining light
and if you stretch out your hand
from the darkness you’ll help stand

one who’s life was less than fair
on solid ground you stand them there
and for once your life is clear
that it was life that brought you here

~ By Don Henderson, Feb 2014 ~


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