The power of humility

Of all the virtues ‘humility’ must stand as the least understood. Perhaps that’s because its promoted as weakness by both the arrogant and the ignorant alike.

Neither of these camps can imagine or comprehend, for that matter, the strength and courage that resides in the heart of one who has humility.

For if you were to meet such a person as this, you are surely in the company of one who has been tested by the fires of life. Humility comes with a great personal and emotional cost that few are able to bare. Their perception and understanding of the truth of the human condition resides within them, not as as cognitive understanding, but as a sixth sense from which comes their uncompromising virtuous power.

It is impossible to possess humility without wisdom, nor wisdom without humility and truth which, together make for the very nature and character of the possessor.

Humility then is not passive, but actively weighs and measures every circumstance taking note of every point of view, action and consequence. It does not stand idly by, but promotes those whose skills, experience and knowledge are best suited to the task.

Unlike the arrogant who promote only themselves, pushing to the front with bravado or the ignorant that run headlong into a situation. Humility has considered the best path and appropriate action to achieve the desired outcome for all concerned. Does this not sound like the true nature of a leader, promoting others and caring for the greater good.

Humility is not weakness. Weakness is the act of being weak, of allowing others to ride shotgun over you. If humility allows one to get their own way, it is because they understand the futility of arguing with such a personality – this is wisdom in action.

But when humility does speak its wisdom cuts to the heart, silencing all critics and leaving none who hear it with any doubt that they are in the presence of one with great power.


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