My Cancer Journey

A Real Life Experience of Cancer

This page is home to a video series where I walk you through my cancer journey. It’s raw, honest and at times emotional… as I open up to you and share from my heart.

This is not a woe-is-me story and does not seek your sympathy. My motivation is to try to help you understand what it’s like to journey down the cancer road. I know there are some who have loved ones that are emotionally closed about what they are going through… others who need a helping hand in their journey and It’ my hope that I can in some small way touch you life.

Before I can help you though, you need to know I’m walking this walk with you… I also need to let you know that I use profanity in these videos, but I hope that as you watch, you’ll be able to understand why. I have to also let you know that I’m not a medical professional, and as such would encourage you to always talk with a medical professional about any aspect of treatment.

Finally, feel free to contact me.


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